Cochran Concerts

5 June 2015
Sheremetev Palace, Saint Petersburg - Russia

Fantasy - Dagda's Harp, Valses and Romanian Dances

6 May 2015
Philharmonic Hall
Nevsky Prospect
Saint Petersburg - Russia

Valses and Romanian Dances

1-7 April 2015
Twelve Collegia, St. Petersburg, Russia

Conducting public master-class & concert, Cochran's 4th scherzo

24 March 2015
Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, St. Petersburg - Russia

Zorya Vechernyaya and
Romanian Dances Nos. 1 and 4 for orchestra

22 February 2015
Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg - Russia

Valse No. 2 for orchestra

15 September 2014
Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg - Russia

Skazka, Scherzo No. 3, Russian Song, Scherzo No. 4

17 June 2014
Herzen University Hall, St. Petersburg - Russia

Skazka & Russian Song

14 June 2014
The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio
Warsaw - Poland

Symphonic Tale

4 March 2014
Philharmonic Hall
Nevsky Prospect
Saint Petersburg - Russia

Symphonic Tale


Other Cochran Concerts

16 Dec 2013
Carnegie Hall
New York - USA

14 Dec 2013
Recital at the Jewish Museum of New York, USA

1 Dec 2012
Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

28 Nov 2012
Konzerthouse in Berlin

4 December 2012
Recital at the Concertgebouw in Bruges - Belgium

1 December 2012
Recital in Amsterdam Concertgebouw - The Netherlands

28 November 2012
Recital in the Berlin Konzerthaus - Germany

25 November 2012
Live broadcast on Netherlands Radio.

22 November 2012
Recital at the Sauter Piano Factory in Spaichingen, Germany.

11 November 2012
Recital in Elder Hall - Adelaide University, South Australia.

Other concerts with this programme include recitals in Vienna, Slovenia, Hungary & Kosovo, & second recital in Berlin.

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of Mazurkas Nos. 1, 4 & 5, Preludes Nos. 7, 8, Scherzi Nos. 1, 2, Russian Song now available

of Mazurkas No. 2 & 3, Romanian Dances Nos. 2, 3 & 4, Animation Suite now available


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my honor to invite you to participate in the 2015 Cochran Piano Competition, the winner receiving a three-day recording session at the Polish Radio's Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio in Warsaw, Poland.

Jakub Fiebig
Director of the Competition

Press Release: 2015 Cochran Piano Competition

Born in the UK city of Cambridge on 14 June 1974, Julian Cochran originally trained in pure mathematics before focusing on a career in music and emerging as one of the world's most strikingly original composers.

Steeped in tradition yet breathtakingly fresh, Cochran's piano-writing style and technique have seen him become widely influential, and numerous Cochran concert tours have been performed to great public acclaim in Europe's principal concert halls. Esteemed pianist Gil Sullivan, acknowledged as the finest interpreter of Mozart in the world, performed Cochran at New York's Carnegie Hall to a standing ovation.

In addition to his works entering the standard piano-solo concert repertoire, Cochran is famed for his improvised performances on piano, which are widely treasured for their inventiveness. The master composer is also renowned for executing full-length public concerts comprised entirely of this work and has recorded 100 hours of innovative, dramatic and alluring improvisations.

Cochran's written works demonstrate a great regard for the piano traditions of Liszt, Balakirev and more recent composers such as Ravel and Prokofiev. Piano Sonata No. 2, for instance, can be viewed as an extension of Prokofiev's rhythmic sophistication and advanced harmonics. Even his more difficult pieces are marked by elegance and refinement.

Highlighted by the aesthetic characteristics of Eastern European folk music, Cochran's comprehensive body of work includes a book of dances, Russian Toccata, eight Preludes for Piano Forte, four Scherzi, five Romanian Dances, Animation Suite (including Tin Sentinel, Dancing Clock, Fire Dance and Wooden Dolls), five Mazurkas, the impressionistic two-part piano solo work Maelstrom and three piano sonatas.

Cochran's orchestral and chamber music includes a trio for violin and oboe (involving the Greek legend of Artemis), a sextet for string quartet, oboe and bassoon, choral works and Symphonic Tale for orchestra comprising Russian Song and Skazka and two grand Scherzi.

Concert pianists and students alike delight in mastering Cochran's piano works and discovering the intelligence, charm and surprises existing within some of the most exquisite and artistic piano writing of our time. Gil Sullivan describes Cochran's works as "exhibiting striking individuality and personality, and exuding a dramatic intensity and power rare in this era".

London based Conductor Levon Parikian writes: "We hear extreme virtuosity in some of these admirably concise and expertly-tailored compositions. Hearteningly, though, this virtuosity is always in the service of the music, rather than an empty display of flashy pyrotechnics."

Julian Cochran immigrated to Australia in 1978 and currently resides in the South Australian city of Adelaide. His manuscripts are maintained at