Australian Composer

A new vinyl recording Cochran plays Cochran (2021) is now available for order at all good record shops, or Apple Music.

The second movement of Symphonic Tale for pianoforte, titled Fantasy No. 2 (The Wind Sylph and the Dryad), was recently re-published with the introductory poem.


Other recent works include the Minuet, Courante, Rondeau and Forlana of Dances of Nobel Sentiment, and Hedgehog added to Animal Scenes.

During the rest of 2021, Julian intends to compose new piano works, developing further concepts from part 1 and 2 of Sul Settimo.

Some notes by Julian Cochran about the five-part Pegasus' Travels follows:

".. one may consider in isolation the inherent appearance and capacities of this beautiful creature. Pegasus thus exudes unbounded freedom as it passes across borders, perhaps not even aware of them, at great speed; and overcoming of the herd-loving characteristics of its horse-cousins, Pegasus prefers to be away from crowds and takes pleasure in its isolation and independence. But it shares the caprice and life-long playfulness of its horse-cousins; and combining magnificent elegance, unending strength – the stallion is not light but appears so only from the vast wing-strength – and timeliness grace, classical ballet can only strive to reach what is inherent and natural for this majestic  creature."

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